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Hello! =3 I will post this in english, maybe some people will find it :DD Impossible.. QQ .. So, this is not the GazettE, it´s kpop and I´m really proud I wrote this.. I was thinking about it half a year and.. You´ll see :D Enjoy ^^
P.S.: Double update today ^^

Daehyun P.O.V

It's finally over. Hallelujah! Oh, you don't know me, eh? So... I'm Jung Daehyun, the most handsome and amazing guy in Seoul. Everybody wants me. They pay me for company. This is my job, unfortunately. I just can't do anything else. There, in "House of love", I'm favourite employee of my boss. Because of that, I have the customers which are rich. I hate it when they touch me. Those ladies... they are so disgusting. But, if I need money, I have to do what my boss tells me. My fake smiles and acting great moods are annoying me! Only one thing is good on this. My customers are always ladies. Other boys sometimes have men. I can't imagine that.
My work is done today. I'm going to the coffee shop near my workplace. I love to be there. So calm and comfortable. I sat down to my usual place, next to the window. I looked at Junhong behind the counter. He is a young boy, with amazing height and pink hair. Sometimes I call him Zelo, his nickname from classmates. We know each other for half a year, I think. When he saw me, he smiled brightly and waved at me. Such a cute kid. There was one more guy, whose name I still don't know. He is mysterious person. Always quiet. I never saw him talk or do anything else than make coffee or clean the tables. And he is always staring at me. Junhong came to me.
"Hi, hyung! Ice coffee and blueberry cheesecake. Am I right?" he smiled innocently.
"Of course, Junhongie. Thank you." He nodded and jumped to the counter. He gave my order to that mysterious man and came back to me. He sat down on the chair in front of me.
"How was your day, hyung?" he asked as always. And as always, I answered.
"Fine, nothing new."
He is one of my two friends. I have no family or great neighbours. I'm glad I have him. We talked for a while, when that other man brought me my coffee and cheesecake.
"Oh, I'm sorry Yonggukie-hyung! I forgot about that. I have to go, Daehyunnie-hyung." He smiled at me. I smiled back and looked at Yongguk. He was staring at me without emotion. What's with him?
"A-ah, thank you. I'm Daehyun, nice to meet you." I bowed politely. He just turned and left. Strange.
While I was eating my cheesecake, I noticed, that he is looking at me again. I sighed. I know I am handsome, but it's annoying. I finally finished my cheesecake and coffee and I was about to pay. Junhong just disappeared somewhere. I made happy face and gave money to Yongguk. His gaze was stuck to the counter, for change. He took my money and bowed lightly. I was looking at his hands. So feminine. I chuckled. I saw him blush a little. It will be fun to tease him. Heheh...
"You seem to like me really much, nah?" Silence. He only took a candy from a bowl somewhere nearby, put it in my hand, bowed and left without saying anything. He is really weird. I shouted goodbye and left.


Next day I woke up early. Why? Because of my stupid boss. He called me at 6 am! So, I grabbed my purse, keys and left.
On the way to work I bought coffee from Junhongie and hurried to boss place. I knocked on the door and wait.
"Come in!" I heard.
"You wanted to see me, boss?"
"Yeah, yeah... sit down." I obeyed and sat in front of him.
"I have new schedule for you." He gave me paper with my name.
"Every Friday, started today, you will have new customer, which is very rich. So you have to obey, you understand?"
"Yes." I answered automatically. "Can I know her name?" I asked politely.
"No. I can't tell you anything. Customer's wish." I sighed and nodded.
"And other days. You will work on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Plus that Friday. You can go now."
"Wait, so I will be free on other days?" My eyes widened.
"Yes. Go to work now." He made a gesture to tell me that I have to go. I bowed with smile and left his office. I never had that much free time! Four days in week without work! Omo, I'm so happy right now!
My second friend, EunSun, is working here. I made my way to her in the main hall... Ya know, this building is pretty huge. And luxurious.
"Hello there, beauty!" I said sexily with Busan accent. "How about my work today?" She smiled and looked to the book.
"Ehm… you have one customer at 800 pm. Nothing else."
"What? Only one- … oh, must be that new woman, huh? You know her name? Let me look-"
"No, no! You can't look at this, you know that." I pouted. "I don't know anything about this customer. And boss told me, that if I met this lady, I can't tell you about her. I'm sorry." I sighed and nodded.
"And other customers?"
"Nobody's here. I already told you, dummy."
"This day is getting better and better! Thank you!" I kissed her cheek and ran from that devil's place.
I decided to visit Coffee Shop. Junhongie waved at me and sat next to me.
"Hey, Hyung! You're early today. What happened?" he asked curiously. I chuckled.
"Hello, sweetie. I have new schedule. I will work only for four days in week. And today I have only one customer. In the evening. That's why I'm here." He ran to the kitchen and came with cheesecake in hand.
"Here you are."
"But I don't have enough money with me. I will come back afternoon for cheesecake."
"No. Just eat. I'll pay." He smiled and I nodded. I understand.
"So, what is it?" When he buys me cheesecake, he always wants something from me. Last time it was homework, then help with gift for Yongguk. And things like that.
"I-…" he blushed. I smiled.
"Don't worry, I'll help you." He nodded and looked at the floor.
"I want you… to teach me… how to k-kiss." He was red like cherry tomato. I choked. What?! I'm male, for God sake! But… It's for Junhongie. He is my best friend. Calm down. Calm down. You can do it.
"Ah, you're really that innocent, huh?" I nervously scratched back of my neck. His arms were trembling and his breathing was deeper. I held his hands and whispered.
"I promise, that I'll teach you how to do that, okay? When you're off?"
"Huh? Um. I can leave now. Gukkie-hyung won't mind." He told me with serious face.

"Alright. Can we go to my place? I'm more comfortable than somewhere in public." He slowly nodded and waved at Yongguk. We left.

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1 Rei-chan Rei-chan | Web | 5. července 2014 v 15:38 | Reagovat

Ako som preboha mohla toto prehliadnuť?! som sama na seba naštvaná teraz >.< T^T Shima to bolo super :33 naozaj~ a rozumela som všetkému *čo je naozaj divné* o.O a bolo to krásne a už sa moc teším na ďalší diel :D vlastne ho idem hneď teraz aj čítať =^-^= Zelo je tam tak rozkošný :3

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