2. Kiss Class

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2nd chapter ^.^ A little.. short? :/ Nevermind...
Enjoy C;

DaeHyun P.O.V

"It's pretty here." He valued my humble home. I mouthed 'thank you' and show him in to the living room.
"Want something?" I shouted from kitchen.
"No, thank you. I don't want to bother you. It's pretty much that you are doing this for me. I'm really thankful, hyung." I came back with mugs full of tea. I smiled and sat next to him on couch.
"So. Want to talk about something or ready to start?" I asked with nervous in voice.
"Okay." I whispered and lightly touched his face. I was about to kiss him when he moved back.
"W-wait. I really don't know w-what to do." I held his hand.
"N-nothing." He blushed.
"But.. you saw it in some movie, or not?" he is really THAT innocent?
"Not exactly." He blushed even more. "When they were about to do that I hid my face behind the pillow." He is like tomato now. I chuckled. He puffed his cheeks and glared at me.
"It was really embarrassing, you know?"
"Yeah, yeah. I get it." I giggled. "So, I will start with light kiss. Just do the same as me. But, I n-never kissed boy before, so, it will be maybe awkward sometimes." He nodded.
"Close your eyes, please." When he did it, I slowly touched his cheeks with my fingers and leaned closer. I connected our lips in one easy kiss. After a while, he kissed me back and moved his arms around my neck. I hugged him around waist and pulled him closer. Our noses were touching while my heart started to pound faster. It's such a magical moment… I don't know why, but I love it. It was a really long time since I kissed someone. I leaned my head to the side to deepen the kiss. I felt him trembling a little. After a few innocent kisses I pulled back. Our faces were dark red.
"Open your mouth." Zelo separated his lips a little staring at me. His eyes slowly closed as I leaned in and slid my tongue into his mouth, lightly stroking against the Zelo's tongue with mine. He moaned loudly into my mouth. He tried to join to the kiss, but his arms fell down to the lap of mine, his body totally weak. I end the kiss, wiped corner of his mouth from saliva with back of my hand and waited for his reaction.
"It was…wet." Zelo breathed out as he finally managed to look at me with those big eyes of his full of shyness.

No One P.O.V

Daehyun just kept quiet and smiled for himself.
"And why did you want me to teach you?" Daehyun asked, "Is there some girl in it?" He added teasingly. Zelo's dark shade of pink turned even harder as he heard Daehyun's question.
"Well, heh…" he started and cutely ruffled his hair.
"I knew that!" Daehyun laughed kind-hearted how is his Zelo baby growing up. He looked at him with 'tell-me'face and then he started talking.
"Not a girl, hyung..." Daehyun gasped in disbelief. 'My... Junhongie...'
"Jongup. He is my customer. When we first met, he bought hot chocolate for me. I can see him every morning study in the corner of our shop. His perfect smile and beautiful voice. Hyung, I fell in love with him so bad." He whined. Daehyun couldn't understand how someone can like the same gender. At least he didn't mind when it comes to Zelo. He loves him like his own brother.
"O-okay then... Want some more teaching or it's enough?" Daehyun asked him to cut that uncomfortable topic.
"I think it's enough. Anyway, I doubt that we will ever kiss, hyung." Zelo sobbed.
"Oh, my BabyZelo." Older rubbed his back and hugged him tightly.
"You have to be brave. Fight for your love. Ask him out then, hm?" Pink haired boy nodded and hugged back.

Daehyun P.O.V again

I felt my shirt wet from his tears.
"Thank you, hyung. You helped me so much. Thank you." Zelo mumbled into my shoulder. Then he broke the hug and stood on the long legs of his.
"I have to go now. See you soon." We smiled at each other. Before he left, I shouted.
"Be careful on your way!"
"Yes Sir!"

So, my customer is waiting for me...

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1 Rei-chan Rei-chan | 9. prosince 2013 v 17:19 | Reagovat

nyaaah :333 krasne~nadherne~ a co ma najviac prekvapuje je to ze som tomu rozumela a nemusela som pouzit ako prekladac!! :D mas pravdu ze v anglictine je to krajsie *-* tesim sa na pokracovanie Zelo bol tak kawaii =^-^=

2 Bara-chan Bara-chan | Web | 9. prosince 2013 v 18:41 | Reagovat

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! To bylo zlaté! :33333 Byli fakt tak rozkošní... musela jsem se naculovat při té představě :)) Nádherné... :33
A i když na tom nejsem s angličtinou nijak dobře, rozuměla jsem (až občas na nějaké slovíčko, které jsem si ale hned našla :))
Opravdu nádherné, už se nemůžu dočkat dalšího dílu :333

3 Shima Shima | 11. prosince 2013 v 11:12 | Reagovat
4 Shima Shima | Web | 11. prosince 2013 v 11:15 | Reagovat

[1]: Ďakujem =33 veď moja angličtina je veľmi jednoduchá, netreba ani prekladač :D a ďakujem, naozaj ^^ a ja viem že je to krajšie v angličtine :D

[2]: Ďakujem moc :D "naculovat" xD Ďalší sdiel fakt netuším kedy bude, lebo som sa zasekla a neviem sa pohnúť, takže pravdepodobne tú scénu preskočím a pôjdem ďalej :D aj keď sa mi to nepáči, ale inak to asi nepôjde T.T

5 Rei-chan Rei-chan | Web | 5. července 2014 v 15:46 | Reagovat

aj keď som túto časť čítala už druhý krát, stále je to úžasné a baví ma to :D Tento diel bol strašne kawaii a stále som sa pri čítaní musela usmievať :33

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