3. Finally, blind...

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DaeHyun P.O.V

"Your customer is on #316." EunSun said.
"But… I don't know where it is. I have never been there." I scratched back of my neck and smiled.
"You don't know? That's the room on the top of this building. It's called King's place. You have really rich customer." She nodded for herself and told me to go there. I will be in King's place? Ah, really? I'm so excited! I only heard about that, but it seems luxurious! Employees told me, that is huge bed with heavens, bathroom with bathtub. It's quiet place. With food every time you want, champagne in the ice. Like apartment for president! I told you so; this place is expensive and awesome like hell.

When I reached the last floor, I found only one enter. I knocked lightly and open.
"Hello?" I shouted to the silent. 'Ah, nobody's here? ' I was looking around, when somebody came in.
"Hey, finally- oh." It was EunSun again. But, something wasn't right. She was trembling and her face was red. She gave me the black sleeping mask.
"For what?"
"Y-your customer w-want you to h-have it. I-I have to look for you." She stuttered. I nodded. It was silent in here for a while, and when I was about to ask I noticed her staring into my eyes.
"Sunnie, is som- God your nose!" her nose was bleeding hard. She ran to the bathroom with me following.
"Is your dirty mind on again?! How can you still thinking about two guys doing it?! God, unbelievable."
"I just can't help myself. When I'm thinking about it, I always have nosebleed!" She choked sometimes while talking.
"You used to nosebleeding only while reading or watching that thing. You told me that! Please, control yourself; it's really disgusting to know, what you are thinking about. And why were you imagining that?" When I helped her with it, we came back to the bedroom.
"I-I don't know, it's just… In fact I know why, but… Ah, I can't tell you! You'll find out later by yourself, after all. Now I have some instructions for you." I nodded.
"Sit down on the bed, please." Without a word, I did that. Legs straight on the sheets and head leaned to the wall.
"When you'll put the mask on, I'll leave. B-but you can't put it away."
"Alright, no problem. I have to obey, after all." I shrugged and put on my mask. I didn't see anything. Uncomfortable.
"O-okay then. Bye." I waved and heard the door close.
I never saw her spacing out. Not that much. That nosebleeding was natural; it used to start whenever she's reading that type of things. Brrh.
Then, a click sound was heard in quiet room. I was thinking about light sounds of women heels. But these were different. These steps were long and heavy.


It can't be…

I prayed for this to be only a dream. Such a bad dream! Until I smelled that scent.

A man!

"You'll find out later by yourself, after all." That's the reason of Sunnie's bleeding. She imagined it!
No! I want my ass to be a virgin!
The mattress moved near me under the man's body.
My braveness escaped from me in that moment.
I pulled my legs to the chest and hugged them. I was trembling all over. My breathing stops, didn't know what will come.

In a moment, fingers were locked in my hair. I winced in surprise. My nerves were uncontrollable. I wanted to scream and run somewhere. Hide from him. I'm so scared. Other boys told me, that it hurts. They can't even sit.
Then his hand made the way to my face. The palm was warm; he caressed the cheek of mine. I pulled away a little. My body was shivering hard. He sighed and sat beside me. He hugged me with his strong arms. We were swinging from side to side in a calming way. My heart slowed a little.
Then, I felt little kiss on my neck, then next one. It tickles. His hug tightened, his head buried into my neck and inhaled. That was weird…

We sat like this for a while, his breathing tickling my neck, some kisses and his strong arms holding me. I have to admit... it wasn´t that bad as I thought it would be.
He hugged me once more and got up. I startled a little. That´s all?
I wanted to ask if he was sure about this, but I can´t complain, I´m glad nothing happened…

His hand touched the cheek of mine and then.. he left.

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1 Bara-chan Bara-chan | Web | 17. května 2014 v 19:21 | Reagovat

Přiznám se, že jsem si nemohla pomoct a musela to vidět v té formě psané na Gazetto...
Ale byla jsem hrozně moc zvědavá, jak tohle dopadne... Já tak hrozně chci vědět (heh, nebo si možná jen potvrdit...), kdo byl ten tajemný zákazník... Shima, ty nás napínáš! :33 :D
Je to úžasná povídka :3 Nádherný díl, a hrozně moc se těším na pokračování, a doufám, že bude brzy, protože už se nemůžu dočkat, jak tohle dopadne... :))

2 Rei-chan Rei-chan | Web | 8. července 2014 v 11:10 | Reagovat

Prosím pridaj pokračovanie =^-^= som strašne zvedavá ako sa to skončí~ je to veľmi pekne napísané a vlastne sa mi celá táto poviedka páči :3 a ten koniec *w* je to strašne napínavé :D

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